Key Elements For A Successful Name Card

Ensuring the accuracy of your information.

Its seemingly very obvious and yet sometimes your data might no longer be up to date, a change of address, email, or name for instance. Hence, make sure that the following data is correct:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Social networks.

All contact information must be presented clearly, without spelling or typing errors, and a legible font. It goes without saying that the goal is to facilitate contact through the channel that best suits your clients.

We have all had at least once in our hands a name card with pen scratches to change an address or number. Frankly, there is nothing worse than to show your negligence and damage your brand image. Better to have new name cards printed with up-to-date information, the cost will always be less than a bad reputation.

A design aligned with your graphic chart.

In order for customers to easily recognize you, your name card must be consistent with your visual identity. Keep in mind to always use the colours, font and visual elements of your logo, website, etc.

The same design language on all your communication platforms is an essential rule to follow. By having the same design on your website, your flyers, name cards and documents, your customers will naturally memorize it. This facilitates the recognition of your company, especially since each of these supports systematically uses your logo.

Dare to be original.

To succeed in distinguishing yourself from your competitors, you should not hesitate to be original, in order to mark the spirit of your clients and to be very easily recognized. Color peps, your professional photo and paper quality will make a real difference.

And while originality is a key element to your success, you should always try to remain simple and go for the basics. The innovative side of cheap name card printing focuses on subtleties, colors, layout, code-breaking, etc. So no need to show all your artistic talents.

On the other hand, making sure that your design remains consistent with your industry is very important. For example, name cards used in the medical or legal sector will remain rather sober to emphasize seriousness. While name cards used for communication and creation can be more creative.

The multi-purpose name card.

With originality in mind, the name card can offer a second feature. Like a back turned into a loyalty card, a field to rate an appointment. The most creative cards can be presented in several forms: mini cheese grater (ideal for a cheese maker), cork stopper (ideal for a wine merchant), label, etc.

Moderation in the use of effects.

Visual effects such as gilding and varnish can greatly embellish a name card. Provided they are used in moderation. Depending on your sector of activity, a particular effect may not be suitable. Bear in mind that your name card is meant to inform first, not impress. This is why we should also limit the elements present on the card to a maximum of 5 colors.

The quality of the business card paper.

The name card reflects your company’s image, its products and services and also your personality. In addition to making sure you have a high-resolution print visual, the quality of the paper is also decisive. There is nothing worse than providing a business card that is pixelated and as flexible as an A4 sheet.

The business card appeals to your sense of touch and sight. A support that will be manipulated and sometimes damaged with time. It is therefore important to choose a quality paper (coated, matt or glossy paper) of at least 300g.

As far as ecological sectors are concerned, it may be very relevant to opt for recycled paper. In order to stand out, you can also go for an unusual card layout.

Finally the paper is not the only viable support, for more originality printers can offer other supports, such as PVC.

However, we advise you not to use very personalized formats, as your cards may not be capable of storage in your employees’ portfolios. Therefore, prefer the standard business cards layout (8.50 X 5.40 cm).

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