7 Effective Remedies For Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often an exciting as well as a challenging journey for every woman. The symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. However, there are a couple of symptoms most pregnant women experience, one of such is leg spasms or cramps.

Leg cramps are pressures or pains experienced when the muscles in the leg contract involuntarily. More than half of all pregnant women experience leg cramps either in the second or third trimester.

Leg cramps for pregnant women often occur at night and can be caused by various factors. They include weight increment, change in the circulation of blood flow, low levels of calcium or magnesium, tiredness, dehydration, and so on.  To alleviate leg cramps, pregnant women should try these remedies.

  • Drink a lot of water: Dehydration during pregnancy often leads to painful leg cramps. This can be avoided or lessened by taking lots of water. A pregnant woman is advised to take at least 8-12 cups of clean water daily. If you have been doing this and still experience leg cramps, you can increase the amount of water you take. Water is important because it helps in fluid circulation around the body.
  • Take Epsom Salt Baths: One effective method of relieving leg cramps is a warm bath. An even better method is Epsom salt baths. An Epsom salt bath is like your regular bath but with Epsom salt, a trusted pain-relieving agent. Epsom salt baths will assuage the contractions in your legs in no time.
  • Stretch: It is important for pregnant women to always stretch. Stretching eases up the muscles and prevents cramps. To eliminate leg cramps, pregnant women should carry outstretch that affects the calves and thighs. Videos and tips on this type of stretches can easily be accessed online.
  • Get a Massage: A good massage is relaxing and helps to relieve pains. When experiencing a leg cramp, you can massage the area for about a minute. That is often the time it takes to gain relief. For a more delightful experience, you can get a prenatal massage from an expert.
  • Take Calcium Supplements: Calcium is important for stronger bones. The adequate amount also helps in preventing leg cramps, especially in pregnant women. If you are experiencing leg cramps, you can take calcium supplements. You can also take natural supplements like Femito, which reduces pain in the bones. Ensure you take pregnancy-friendly supplements.
  • Add Heat: To add heat means to apply heating pads or microwave heated cloth sock of rice to the areas. It often relieves the tension in your legs.
  • Stay active: Pregnant women often have leg cramps when they stay at a position for an extended period of time. By staying active, you can prevent leg cramps. Stay active by engaging in safe antenatal swimming, yoga, and exercise. If you often find yourself fatigued and unable to stay active, you can boost your strength with www.femito.com.

There is no doubt that these simple remedies will ease your pain. It is pleasant to know that you can reduce your leg cramps at home; however, if the pain persists, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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